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Welcome To Patton Pennsylvania Volunteer Fire Dept.    

P.O. Box 243
Patton, PA 16668
(814) 674-5913
Fax: (814) 674-6262

This website is dedicated to the men and women of the Patton Volunteer Fire Dept. This website shows the past, present and future events of the dept.

About The Web Designer

My name is Kelly. I live In Morro Bay Calif. and am a retired Los Angeles County Fire Paramedic due to a fall down a staircase on a cardiac resuce call. I now work as a jazz DJ for a local radio staion here and also have my own home based web design business. The Fire Dept and Paramedics have always stayed in my blood. As the saying Goes "Once a Fire Fighter, always a FireFighter" A close friend of mine who I met in a internet chat room has a son on the Patton Force. Recently, a member of the Patton team passed away in a vehicle accident. The pain from this tragedy reached California. Funny thing about Firefighters & Paramedics that has really hit home since the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the US is that our family is not contained to just our hometown, or even our own state, but to our fellow brothers and sisters across the nation. Folks who's name we don't know but always willing to help in anyway when there is a need. Well, I feel close to you all in Patton PA. We may not know each others name, but we all share in the same thing.. FireFighters & Paramedics to the end!
This web is dedicated to you from me. It is YOUR website. Please feel free to email me with your ideas, photos, stories, comments, or whatever you feel may contribute to this website. Pages can always be added for shift calendars, or whatever else. please email me below.

God Bless! & Stay Safe!

A special Thank You to Ethel Popson of the Patton Fire Ladies Auxiliary for books, photos, and other information needed to make this website possible.

                                                              Kelly Council Webmaster

                                                                                        FireFighter's Creed  

                                                                                                             When I'm called to duty god
                                                                                                             wherever flames may rage
                                                                                                             give me strength to save a life
                                                                                                             whatever be its age

                                                                                                             Help me to embrace a little child
                                                                                                             before it is too late
                                                                                                             or save an older person from
                                                                                                             the horror of that fate

                                                                                                             Enable me to be alert
                                                                                                             to hear the weakest shout
                                                                                                             and quickly and efficiently
                                                                                                              to put the fire out

                   Website Last Updated December 1, 2003                   I want to fill my calling and
                                                                                                              to give the best in me
                                                                                                              to guard my neighbour and
                                                                                                              protect his property

                                                                                                              And if according to your will
                                                                                                               I have to lose my life
                                                                                                               bless with your protecting hand
                                                                                                               my children and my wife

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